Premier Hosting Services In India & US What We Do Strad Solutions offers Data Center Providers in a TIER 3 Startup in Mumbai, Asia and Hosting. Computers are provided by us from our US based Datacenters aswell. Monitoring We provide round-the-clock sophisticated also, program health check and monitoring host monitoring. Protection Our Datacenters are nicely -designed with CCTVs, VESDA Fire Diagnosis, Bio-Metric Accessibility and Stability Workers to preserve hosts Safe & our holders and Secure. Uptime With Our Carrier Neutral Circle and Highquality H/ N, SLA based Electronics Uptime of 100% and System Uptime of 99.95% respectively is provided by us. Help We provide help that is 24×7 On-Call and Email to solve your seats on concern. Our Bodies Administrators are adaptable reliable and successful in managing all of the dilemmas. Data Center Details Strad Solutions Data Centers are located in The US As Well As Asia.

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With all the Leading-of-the- range Structure,here are a few of our Data Centers’ figures Strad Principles At Strad options, we plan to follow concepts that are rigid to ensure that best-quality hosting is given high-level of effectiveness, persistence, versatility and affordability. Below are enrolled several of the principles that people integrate into our functions to offer final Web-Hosting Experience Free Create You will get your machine stay without fees or any put up within 24 hours Own Choice OS Strad Remedies has got the capability to supply its consumer the versatility of Choosing any OS to Server 2012 from CentOS Elite At Strad Solutions’ core viewpoint lies of maintaining Top Quality at Low Rates, a relentless pursuit. No surprises subsequently, that we will be the CHEAPEST PROVDERS the- Electronics, TIER 3 datacenter and much more -of- in India with prime! Efficient Strad of Assistance Stradivarius or Strad suggests Exclusive and High Value along with the Company at Strad Options stands not false to our brand. SOLUTIONS FOR ALL We are a IaaS companies having a distinction. While providing you the innovative Infrastructure, we be sure we design the most effective option for the IT need as well. RAPID AND EFFECTIVE HOSTING With 150mbps of bandwidth obtainable around 1gbps and in Asia in america Website and your applications load quicker than 85% of the Internet. Bandwidth Is Important and thus is Electricity and We ensure every resource can be acquired to your machines at all times.